Chinese Orange: Kalamansi Herbal Medicinal Plant

Kalamansi can be found worldwide. This is my favorite juice flavor. When I was on my grandfather house I always drink fresh juice of Chinese Orange, I pick 6 pieces of Kalamansi and mix it with small amount of sugar, wow it’s really good.

Not only that, Chinese Orange is known as Herbal Medicinal Plant because of its herbal medication specialty.

Scientific Name: Citrus Microcarp Bunze
English: Chinese Orange
Tagalog: Kalamansi, Sintonis, Aldonisis, Kalamonding
Visayan: Calamonding

How to prevent Pimples or Acne naturally?

Pimples or Acne is very common in adolescents and young adults. Prevention is recommended to avoid its development. Healthy and proper practices are required. As teenager you should be clean everyday!

Pimples or Acne Herbal Medicinal Plants Treatment

When I was in high school, I think in 2nd year level and in the age of 14, I got pimples on my face. I never mind that in the first time. I tolerate it, and some of my relative told me just for my being teenager so I got pimples. But when I face in the mirror, I see that my pimples getting more and more and I afraid what happen to my beautiful face if those big pimples develops in my face and no treatment being use.